oh my love!
yes, you
you who gave my heart a beat
you who showed me all those dreams
you who held my hand and wiped my tears
and losing whom was my biggest fear
we stood together was no big surprise
having you was my only prize
but giving up my dreams seemed a great sacrifice!
how could you ask me to choose a path?
when you did not even leave a choice
your words were selfish
and the impact was hard
all my tears were ignored
all my pleads discard
that day you hit my body
but the soul got the real scar
that day LOVE died for me
may be that day went too far
way too far than it should have been
oh! how i wish now
i could have seen, that you
you were a devil in disguise
who came and preyed upon me
and made me hollow from inside.
but the only fault my heart still do
is to hope that may be,
may be you will come back
may be this will turn out to be a dream
may be i would not have to scream,
scream your name again and again
and my chest will not be heavy,
heavy with the pain of not losing
but choosing you!

                                                                                                       ………………#REASHIKAA VERMA

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