Common misconceptions women have about men

  1. Men are emotionless              

This misconception is rooted so firmly in the back of women’s minds that convincing them otherwise is a pretty herculean task. Yes, agreed that we men do not cry our eyes out at every touchy scene where the lead character of your favourite Nicholas sparks novel-turned movie says something extremely romantic to his lady love, but that in no way makes us emotionless. Men do feel emotions equally, if not more than women. We do notice the little things in life. We do appreciate emotionally appealing thoughts, though we may rarely express it due to the way guys are usually brought up in the primarily patriarchal society where a guy showing his emotions openly is a sign of weakness. Do not judge us on it.

  1. Men are afraid to commit

Maybe we are just not ready to commit to you according to your schedule. Maybe we have some things that we need to know about you before we get to that phase. And some of those things are not things that can be put out there just yet, or so openly.

               Maybe we just don’t want to commit to you?

In regards to marriage, I frequently hear about couples who have been together for over 5 years and the woman gets upset. Well when you look at those men, they are usually not doing well enough financially to provide that woman with those expectations she has of marriage(the big diamond, expensive honeymoon, big reception, etc).

There are lots of things that we have to consider before a selfless commitment.

Women have far more to gain from monogamy than a man does, so yes it takes more to get us to commit.

  1. Men should always make the first move


Here, I do not speak about every woman, but about the majority of women. This old fashioned ideology that men should be the one to chase a woman and the woman plays hard to get has been hardwired into the brains of a vast majority of the women. Women claim themselves to be equal to men in all aspects of life, feminism is raging across the world, yet most women play sexist on this issue. If you see a guy and want to talk to him, don’t wait for him to come talk to you, you can throw a hi too,  if you like a guy, there’s nothing wrong in telling a guy you like him(no, we won’t judge you for it! ,we actually like it)

  1. Men are sloppy and any of them with good hygiene(waxed eyebrows, shaved arm pits, get tanning, spiked hair, teeth whitened, etc) are gay

Oh sorry? Should we just grow out our beards and smell like sweat instead? Not all men like to lie all day on sofa with clothes on floor and chips wrapper all around the room, some prefer a well managed wardrobe and a hygienic environment .

  1. Men love sports

No, most  men like me do but some of us find them to be boring.

Some of us have intellectual pursuits that are a higher priority. Some of us run businesses that are more concerned about our own strategy, stats and calendar.

  1. Men know how to fix anything

Yeah sure, being born with a penis gives us the knowledge to pretty much fix anything broken. Just give us a screwdriver, hammer or wrench and watch us magically restore anything back to its former glory .

  1. Men recover from heartbreaks easily


This is one misconception I can personally vouch for, to be absolutely rubbish. In reality men get more attached to the person they love than women imagine. It takes anywhere from several weeks to months to years and maybe more than that for a guy to completely recover from a heartbreak. So, girls please don’t make a guy fall in love with you on purpose just to break his heart later on.

  1. Men hate shopping

Not necessarily true, but we hate wasting too much time on wasting. We’re the kind of people who take decisions quickly, so please respect that.

  1. Men care more about looks than intelligence

Men love women who are intelligent, irrespective of her looks, and in my very own opinion “there’s not hotter than a girl with brains”.

  1. Men only think about sex


Seriously, we are not animals. We have much better things to think about and work on than sex all day. Sex is not the only thing we crave for all the time!!


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