It was all very pretty and then it turned so hard;

I thought I had seen everything until I was shown my own part.


I have seen my mother shedding tears, sometimes loud, sometimes clear.

She spent sleepless nights with no complains, never wanted me to feel her pain.

I saw her bleed saw her sob, but never saw her putting down her hope.

Saw her suffer in disgrace and grief and I thought I have seen everything.


I have seen a brother present there, standing for her having no fear.

The rage inside him seeing her cry grew with every word people tried.

I saw a man a son could be and I thought I have seen everything.


I have seen a lady as strong as steel, with wounds she thought no one could heal.

Seeing her children’s pretty smile, she picked herself and seized her life.

She never bowed down nor sighed and worked his life with her head held high.

I saw her getting everything she dreamed and I thought I have seen everything.


I know a guy who saw her mom, in pain and grief when his dad was gone.

He saw his maa suffering immense, working day and night to pay for them.

He had the power of her mother’s tear and nothing could stop him it was very clear.

I saw a shack turned into their home with his hard work and his mothers hope.

I saw their beautiful days with no more sorrow begin, and I thought I have seen everything.


I have seen a sister beautiful as rose, but no one knows her past was gross.

It was her brother I mentioned up here and there was nothing I am sure they both didn’t bear.

But I saw her turning into a princess with time, a prince did come and he was very fine.

I never thought she could be happier than now, blessed with a daughter she got a pretty life of her own. Hearing her voice always puts a curve on my lips and I thought I have seen everything.


Yes it’s pretty and  well known, whenever they fall down they always mourn.


I looked my part and it’s crystal clear, i often looked for motivation which has always been here.

No matter how many times I fall I am never quitting, coz It doesn’t matter how much I have seen,




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