It was one fine spring and I could feel the love in the air, it was our graduation day  and everyone kissing their loved ones goodbye and I was sitting on the porch smiling at my friend who was being chased by his psycho girlfriend , as we used to call her because of her weird behavior. And with my smile there was another familiar laughter coming from behind.

How huge of an asshole you are?? She screamed.

ME: Smart enough to be single at least, look at that idiot running like a rat being chased by a snake, it’s so funny (controlling my laugh).

NOEL : I am not talking about him idiot, I have been looking around the whole campus for you. I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye to you guys! Its going to be hard after these years with you guys.

ME : I will miss you guys too.

NOEL : ok at least go and save him. Will you?

ME : (controlling my laugh and walking towards Karan and his gf) hey Karan , Noel is leaving. Aditi can I borrow him for a minute, you can have him all the vacation, I added (..smiling).

KARAN : You are such an asshole but thanks for saving me. I hate the way she kiss , she sucks the life out of me every time.

ME: I know (…both laughing hard).

NOEL: (in a shaking voice.) Will you guys just shut up for a moment. Come here and give me a hug both of you.

(all of us in each other arms…..)

I remember that day, Noel bursted in tears and Karan was saying how grateful he is having us in his life, and I was there all quiet looking at both of them and thinking that they both have tons of friends to talk to, to hangout with but they were all I had since childhood, I never liked making new friends, I am not even comfortable with new people around. And Noel just heard my thoughts maybe. She looked at me wiped down her tears and kissed me on the cheek.

NOEL : Don’t die single ok (she said smiling).

ME : Ya please marry me if no one find me good enough.

NOEL : Not even in your dreams (laughing).

I still remember her smile, it was the kind of peace you get seeing a sunset. A strange feeling like your soul is lightened and your heart little warmed up. Everyone left with promises to be in touch and with wishes for a happy and adventurous life. And that’s when life happened……..

A year passed and I was still there in my room alone. Sipping my regular coffee, scribbling my books, sitting in front of my laptop for hours and stalking Karan’s and Noel’s profile.  Almost every week there is a new picture up on their wall in a new city with new people and a sweet smile. They were really happy with their new lives and new friends, I could tell that by looking at them. This is the beauty of time, one moment you have it all, your family , your friends and everything you needed to make you happy and the next moment you are all alone lying on your bed and thinking about those days.

One moment is all you need in your life. One moment that changes everything. The moment after which you are not the same person anymore. I am still the old me, I GUESS I NEVER HAD MY MOMENT!

The next morning a letter came and left me with a mini heart attack, the only thing that managed to come out of my mouth was OHH FUCK!, and I rushed to get my cell phone. It was a wedding invitation, Karan and Aditi’s wedding invitation.

ME : did you get any invitation?

NOEL : that asshole is marrying Aditi! (in a low voice).

ME : (surprisingly) he never liked her I thought.

NOEL : maybe he likes her now or there is a fair chance that Aditi asked him to marry her on gunpoint (chuckles).

ME : (laughing..) you are coming right?

NOEL : (excitingly) Ofcourse, I am dying to see you guys.

ME : see you there.

I never felt so excited in all this year. It was going to be like the old times, all three of us together. During that month my phone rang several times. Sometimes it was Noel asking for advice on her dresses , and sometimes Karan asking for the plans for bachelorette party.  But In all that chaos one thing was for sure, we all were excited and happy.

The day came and it was the best moment of my life seeing both of them again. I wouldn’t trade that memory even for million dollars and then there was Aditi, nothing like the crazy college girl we all knew. There was this elegant beautiful lady, a girl any guy would want to spend his rest of the life with and Karan was the lucky guy she chose.

After 3 days of amazing ceremonies, it was finally the wedding night, I could see the happiness in their eyes. I have never seen Karan this happy before.


YA HE DID…… I whispered, lost in the moment.

It was midnight and I was sitting outside under the moon thinking about the girl destined for me, about my moment, when her voice came from behind.

You have always been a loner, haven’t you?? Noel said, and sat beside me.

ME : Loneliness is underrated. It’s not exactly what people think it is.

NOEL : you know I always had a crush on you in college, cause you were different.

ME : maybe its because I am a loner (chuckles).

NOEL : ya maybe(smiling), but then I met this guy and I got to know what I felt for you was not love.

ME : it happens, I know.

NOEL :  No, the moment I met him everything changed, my life isn’t the same anymore. Maybe, I found my moment as you say it.

ME : your search finally came to an end.

NOEL : you never search for it jai , the moment comes to you when you least expect it and all you have to do is to seize it, don’t let it fly bye when its right in front of you, you get it?

ME : Ya a little bit I think (in confusing tone).

NOEL : (Sighs) forget it, I came to say goodbye. I am leaving tomorrow morning.

ME : Goodbye Noel, its always great to see you. (hugging her)

NOEL : Goodbye jai. (walking towards her room)

And I sat there alone looking at the full moon. Noel was gone the next morning and by the evening I was also home, lying on my bed thinking about the night with Noel.

Days passed by ,that night started to fade away and routine started to kick in and on one fine Monday morning , I was walking past the lane when everything stopped and my legs froze. My eyes were stuck on her as I saw her through the glass window reading sipping coffee and reading that book. I tried but couldn’t move, everything turned dark and a sudden rush of chilly cold ran through my whole body. It was like my heart skipped a beat. My knees felt weak as I stood there staring at her. I couldn’t roll my eyes off her but then she looked back at me and I turned my eyes down and walked by.

I had never seen a girl like her, that smile, that hairs. I don’t know what made me fall in love with her in just one sight, it had never happened before, but I guess some things are meant to happen for the first time.

I never talked to any stranger before and talking to a strange girl, not even in my dreams. But she was sitting right there , how could I let her go? My moment just came and I remembered Noel’s word that all I have to do is to not let it fly by. I collected all the courage my soul could offer and walked in the restaurant, my heart was pounding out of my chest and my throat all dry, I took a deep breath and finally asked,


Everything went blank as she looked up at me and inside my head voices kept going, Chair seriously!! That’s all I could think of… a stupid chair.

NO, ITS FOR 100 DOLLARS, She replied with a smile.

That joke that very moment changed everything. That was the moment I was looking for, my moment. My life was never the same after meeting her. That’s the beauty of time remember, all you need is one moment to change everything. One moment you are all alone lying on your bed and the next moment you have her sitting right there in front of you. Its been 3 and a half year and we are still together and I am not the same person anymore.



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