This is my way of reaching to the students who appeared in CBSE 12th board exams this year and their parents as well. CBSE board results for 12th class came out today and people all over India went crazy. Suddenly all the relatives, Chachi’s , Masi’s Bua’s, Mami’s, relatives from other corner of the India to the relatives from the other part of universe u never knew existed flooded the phones at every students home.

I have already experienced this day in my life and I can relate to every student who is probably reading this.


I can perfectly imagine the situation of the colony I used to live in, my home and kind of every colony in India, Which by now must have been divided into 3 parts. Let me give out my message to every group of students and to the one special group this article is about:-


  1. ABOVE 90%:- Congrats to everyone who scored amazingly in boards and can pursue their careers like their parents always wanted them to. Good marks makes good colleges in India, their parents must have been really happy, distributing sweets and telling everyone proudly about their child/children.

To the students , world outside is not a school, your marks will surely help you get good college, pursue a career you parents always dreamed of but… my message is please don’t lose your originality, your marks won’t make you successful , you will make yourself successful…… invest in yourself.


    1. Between 80%-90%:- I know the students must be really happy with their results but their parents might have a lil void in their heart because Sharma ji’s son got above 90%, they might not say or reflect this but they maybe feeling, and it’s not necessary everyone is like that, majority of parents are not like this, so if any parent is reading this its my request, he/she is your child ,be proud of him/her for doing well, don’t hold back just cause you are not able to tell your colleagues and neighbor that you child came first in class. They will still make upto a college college and will always be cool and smart and passionate to make their parents proud and build themselves a life.I was in this group and my mom was happy with the decisions I took in my life.



  1. Below 80% – As the society classify them, average or in modern competitive world below average as well. Who might be feeling lil awkward when a relative asks them about their results, cause they will be judged as below 80%. Let me tell you something, maybe some of your parents won’t be feeling good that you were not able to gulp more books and get more marks, or maybe that you won’t be able to pursue a career they always wanted u to do, a doctor, an engineer or ……. Ohh sorry from where I come from no parent want other career for their children. Isn’t it an opportunity for you all to go and explore the world, to see what you really like to do, maybe a travel photographer, a singer, a dancer, or something out of the league that only you can do.  That’s one of the perk in being average, world never actually notices you and then you get an opportunity to come back with a bang.


I have hundreds of example of people who never got good marks, probably never even attended school or college and who else is not familiar with famous college dropouts, listen whatever you do be passionate about it, don’t let any relative come in our way or anyone who is trying to bring you down.

To the parents, stop comparing your kid to topper of his/her class or in fact anyone, he/she got their own originality, stop pushing them to where you want  them to be, give them way to explore themselves and find out where they want to be.

For some it may be a bad result, I am saying yes, it can be a bad result but not a bad life…………remember that.



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